Ford or backwards?

I see the leader of the "neither Unionist or Nationalist, but definitely not Nationalist" Alliance party, David Ford wants the British government to carry on with the old policy of exclusion of Republicans.

When will the likes of Mr. Ford understand that what the Good Friday Agreement is actually about is faciliating an agreement between Unionism and nationalism which the majority of each community must support. Well I'm sorry to trouble you with the facts again Mr. Ford, but in case you hadn't, Sinn Féin are the largest Nationalist party in the six counties, and while you might find that not to your liking, in short - Tough! Sinn Féin's mandate through the six counties and throughout the island is here to stay and must be recognised. He is right in one sense however, Tony Blair has defied the agreement but he has done to try to thwart republicans, not include them.

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