FF- the Republican Party?!

Very dissapointed to see that Dermot Ahern has ignored his former party leader and has ruled out a Green paper on Irish Unity. Surely as part of a so-called "Republican" party, Fianna Fáil should be encouraging a debate on a 32 county state rather than ruling it out. Mr. Ahern says that the calls are a "red herring" and claims that;

Those who are calling for a green paper are doing it to distract from getting the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement up and running again.

Sorry Mr. Ahern but this is plain nonsense. There is nothing in the GFA which says that the insitutions are dependent on nationalists not asserting their right to argue for a United Ireland. The institutions can exist simultaneously with the arguement for Irish unity. In my view, this is a cop out from Fianna Fáil and they should have a long hard look aat themselves before they stick about stick the phrase "Fianna Fáil - the Republican Party" on their election posters in future.

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