Collusion not an Illusion

Carrying on with the subject of Collusion, I must welcome calls from Congressman Chris Smith and Judge Peter Cory, author of the Cory Report, for the British government to abandon the new legislation designed to ensure that public inquiries are on fact nothing of the sort since much evidence will be considered "in private". All victims of state collusion must be given a full public inquiry, not to do so is to cheapen the lives of their loved ones. The evidence presented must in the public domain, so as to ensure that people can see for themselves the effect the policy of collusion in the north had. Any attempt to hear evidence in private stinks of a cover-up. As a Republican commentator once pointed out on slugger, when the Brits speak of wishing to keep certain issues from the public as a "question of national security", the phrase national security can be translated to mean "murderous activities we don't want you to know about."

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